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Photos by Stratton McCrady

The Winter’s Tale by William Shakespeare
Actors’ Shakespeare Project

Directed by Melia Bensussen
Set Design: Cristina Todesco
Costume Design: Mary Lauve
Lighting Design: John Malinowski
Sound Design: David Remedios

“This fulfilling production categorically hits every emotion right on the head and in the heart. Bensussen’s direction has an element of graceful effortlessness that allows the story to unfold gently and realistically.”
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“These variable elements are skillfully balanced by director Melia Bensussen, who also helmed last year’s splendid Actors’ Shakespeare Project production of Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard.’ Bensussen’s staging creates the timeless aura of a folk tale on Cristina Todesco’s spare set.”
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“Once again, Bensussen and her crew manage to knit together opposites. What’s intriguing is how it is done: she avoids high concepts and instead opts for a simple production that focuses on the language of the script and the psychology of the characters, always looking for ways in which the tragic and the comic are knotted together.”
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“Too often, when the play skips 16 years and relocates from oppressive Sicilia to sunny Bohemia, the audience might be forgiven for thinking it had returned from intermission to the wrong theater and a different play. In Melia Bensussen’s austere yet magical rendering for ASP, the mood swing seems less bipolar than utterly natural.”
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